Stōn: The World's First App-Enabled Rock

Introducing Stōn, a bluetooth controlled, app-enabled rock for the 21st century.

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Just load up one of the many Stōn apps and you’ll be ready to rock n’ roll around the house or take it outside for some hardcore Stōnin’!

Stōn came into existence after a highly successful crowdfunding campaign and was recently named BuzzFest’s “Tech Toy Of the Year” so make sure to grab one before it rolls away.

Each Stōn comes with an inductive charging base that gives it the power necessary to make it through a solid day of playing. Just set it down on the base and let it do it’s thing.*

*The Stōn may look like it is still in “Play Mode” when lying still but internal sensors will detect the electrical current and activate “Rest Mode”.


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