How The Cast Of It Should Really Look

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The newest adaptation of Stephen King's It took a few creative liberties with the story setting and events, so it's probably no surprise that some of the characters described in the 1986 novel don't come through quite same as they'd been written. Although the Losers and their nemeses certainly carry the spirit of the source material through to the big screen, let's take a look at how they stack up to the book's original descriptions...

Bill Denbrough | 0:24
Richie Tozier | 1:10
Ben Hanscom | 1:56
Beverly Marsh | 2:36
Eddie Kaspbrak | 3:34
Mike Hanlon | 4:11
Stan Uris | 4:43
Henry Bowers | 5:16
Patrick Hockstetter | 5:56
Pennywise | 6:42

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