How To Make Rainbow Bagels | Tanya Burr

I had SO much fun making these rainbow bagels with funfetti cream cheese filling! I hope you guys enjoy watching this video and don't forget to send me pictures if you try making them yourselves! I'd just like to say a quick something about the colour of the bagels I made...basically, you can't get the neon food colouring they use at the Bagel Store in New York here in the UK, so I just had the get the strongest and thickest food colouring I could! I was actually really happy with the brightness of colours I achieved, but just wanted to write up a little disclaimer incase some of you wondered why mine don't look like the one in Scarlett's instagram!

The food colouring I used:

What I'm wearing in this video:
Playsuit - Revolve
Necklaces - Missoma
Eyeshadow - Tanya Burr Cosmetics 'My Paradise' palette