That Can't Be Good: Fails of the Week (November 2016) || FailArmy

Enjoy another week of fails! Let us know which video you liked the most in the comments and if you've got any funny fail videos be sure to submit them to us at!!

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Original Links:
Fisherman Pulled Overboard by Massive Grouper
Girl Face Plants While Skating Down Ramp
Snowmobile Falls Backwards and Narrowly Avoids Rider
Construction Worker Pond Skim Fail
Toddler Trips After Riding Big Slide
Wakeboarder Wipes Out During Trick Attempt
Pole Vault Across Water Ends in Fall
BMX Rider Crashes into Pavement at Skate Park
Guy Attempts to Jump Across Planks
Remote Controlled Plane Crashes into Ground
Prank at Wedding Reception
Kid Face Plants Into Snow
Girl Falls Off Bed Dancing
Guy Trips Gets Stuck on Hurdle and Falls
Motorcycle Gets Stuck in Mud
Bunny Shows Cat Love
Girl Faceplants Trampoline
Guy Tries to Flip off Wall
Father Falls Through Trampoline With Daughter
Construction Workers Can't Load Giant Pipe
Friend Drops Cake
Seal Attacks Beach Goers
Mountain Biker Smashes Balls
Guy Crashes Bike Into Puddle
Getting Out of Kayak Fail
Bicyclist Falls Off Ten Foot Wall
Kid Falls Off Segway and Runs Into Sign
Guy Tries to Flip off Wall
Wife Attempts Ollie and Falls
Kid Falls Into Creek
Skier Face Plants
Kid Breaks Trampoline in Half
Drunk Guy Falls at Baseball Game
Car Rolls Over Into Ditch
Jet Skis Crash into Each Other
Parkour Guy Hits Head on Wall
Guy's Parachute Malfunctions
Guy Falls Halfway Off Trampoline
Parasailer Crashes Into Car
Guy Continuously Passes Out on Slingshot Ride
Little Kids in Toy Car Try to Drive over Hole